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Thank you Newgrounds!

2017-03-31 13:07:58 by DJ-TomE

Today I just became a supporter for the site that helped raise me in a time where my parents did not quite understand me. Newgrounds became a home where I submitted crappy music from my time in Middle School and even gave critique with the little knowledge I had. 

I can say with certainty that Newgrounds was one of the most important parts of my life growing up to see and meet aspiring creatives and I would hate for its creative freedom to just dissappear. I'd like to keep my support of this site for as long as I can and its not much but every bit counts to keeping my favorite site and content safe.

As I have grown and matured I followed many creators like xKore, Egoraptor, Sexual lobster, and many more who have more than just inspired me but gave a laugh or something awseome to listen to. 

I thank all of you and look forward to supporting the next generation of creatives!


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2017-03-31 14:33:51

This post really warmed me up inside. I hope the next generation of creative people can, uh, "live up" to the expectations of people who lived with the greats.